Venn Diagram: Understand, Implement, Tell Your Story

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With more than a decade of experience in the field of public health, Facente Consulting has the skills and experience to help you understand, implement, and tell your story.

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At Facente Consulting, we focus
on 3 consultation priorities:

  • Understand

  • Implement

  • Tell Your Story


Without thorough understanding, it’s impossible to have a truly effective public health effort. You need to understand your target population to properly design your program to meet their needs and motivate them to participate. You need to understand your own needs to recognize what focus areas and interventions are feasible, strategic, and highest priority. You need to understand the greater situation to position your research or intervention for success, with true buy-in of all the relevant stakeholders. And of course, you need to understand your program, to realize the successes that should be broadcasted and built upon, and the weakness that must be addressed. Facente Consulting excels in many types of strategies to help you gain a better understanding of whatever you need.

Some examples of work we have done to help others understand:

Venn Diagram: Understand


Of course, efficient, effective implementation is at the core of your success, no matter what you do. You need to implement your ideas to see them come to life and finally have an impact on the world around you. You need to implement your programs to use your knowledge and skills to improve the health and wellness of your target population. You need to implement your policies to help ensure that others don’t need to work so hard against the structure leading to poor health outcomes. Facente Consulting has years of experience providing technical support to researchers, program managers, and policymakers to aid the planning, launch, and maintenance of programs, and can help you successfully implement whatever you need.

Some examples of work we have done to help others implement:

Tell Your Story

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks, data collection, and outcome measurements of your work. But without a strategy to tell your story to those around you, your effectiveness is limited. You need to tell your story to funders to gain support for your new ideas, and continue to garner support for your existing research or program. You need to tell your story to colleagues so they understand and can support – and broadcast – your work. You need to tell your story to employees so you can be sure they’re on board and representing your mission and strategies well to stakeholders. You need to tell your story to clients, so they realize what you’re doing, increase their knowledge, and take steps to improve their own health and wellness. And, you need to tell your story to the public, so they spread the word, support your work, and make decisions that benefit their health and the health of those around them. Facente Consulting has developed and implemented trainings and presentations around the world, and has helped dozens of clients tell a convincing story to potential funders, yielding millions of dollars in grant funding.

Some examples of work we have done to help others tell their story:

Venn Diagram: Tell Your Story

All the work we do fits into at least one of these 3 categories. We work with each of our clients to determine the exact knowledge and skills needed to accomplish their project, then set out to find the perfect combination of staff to complete the job within the allocated timeline and budget. We have worked extensively with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions in the local San Francisco Bay Area, across California, in the broader U.S., and internationally. We pride ourselves on timely delivery of exceptional products and services, every time.

The Facente
Consulting Difference

Unlike big consulting firms, Facente Consulting keeps a nimble profile. We bring great expertise to the table, and when we don’t already have it, we partner with people who do. With this model we have extremely low overhead, which means we can do your job at a highly competitive price. It also means we are flexible enough to tailor our work process to perfectly mesh with your project needs – whatever they may be.

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    • "We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated during this project. We will most definitely recommend your services to other agencies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to working with you again in the future."

      —Jessica L. Fleming, MPH, Cities Readiness Initiative Program Manager, Marion County Public Health Department, Indiana

    • "I had such a good time working with Facente Consulting and am so appreciative of the theory of change and the report from our retreat. The theory of change has created such simple language for me to use when discussing the program - within 3 months I have already incorporated it into a report and a proposal."

      —Zach Ford, Senior Program Manager, AIDS United

    • "Autumn delivered exceptional work! She was extraordinarily communicative and professional."

      —Ryan Anson, NP, East Bay AIDS Center (EBAC)

    • "Thank you so much for your expansive and grounded thinking as you guided us through this process. At that early meeting, where we were just writing all kinds of ideas and visions down, everything seemed incredibly scattered and chaotic - it made my brain hurt. You took your time to carefully assemble all these seemingly random thoughts and dreams into actual categories and suddenly I could see what was happening. It's almost like you tricked us into creating a strategic plan! I learned a great deal from this process."

      —Esther Landau, The Arc San Francisco

    • "Your revised Ending the Epidemics draft is just brilliant. You set the bar high and always exceed it."

      —Mike Shriver, Co-Chair of the San Francisco HIV Community Planning Council

    • "Shelley — You are a marvelous writer. This project makes me want to get you to evaluate everything we do!"

      —Kate Monico Klein, Director, Forensic AIDS Project / San Francisco Department of Public Health, Jail Health Services

    Photography by: Deb Westergaard Photography